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White Horse Inn
The White Horse Inn is a nationally syndicated radio talk show hosted by Michael Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, Kim Riddlebarger and Ken Jones. On the air since 1990, the show features a regular roundtable discussion of Christian theology and apologetics.

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Audio Sermons by Dr Digby L. James

You can listen to sermons by clicking on the titles. When a new windows opens, click the arrow on the left side of the playbar or download them as MP3 files by clicking on the downarrow on the right hand side of the playbar.

Prior to 2007 sermons were recorded on C90 tapes giving a maximum of 45 minutes. If one of these sermons seems to last for 45 minutes the message overruns. The quality of these recordings is poor by modern standards. Some of these recordings suffer from high levels of static noise. If a sermon is missing from the list here it is probably because it is unlistenable.

From 2007 recordings have been done on an Olumpus WS-320M Digital Voice Recorder, an iPod (iinitially a hard disk iPod, latterly a solid state iPod nano, both using a Belkin TuneTalk Stereo with or without an external microphone) or a Sony Minidisc, using a Hitachi microphone. I've also found that an iPhone can produce good sound quality too. A hard disk iPod occasionally writes to disk and causes breaks in the speech, which is why it was replaced with a solid state iPod Nano.

You may care to also visit http://www.sermonaudio.com for a very large variety of sermons. Especially recommended is Paul Washer.

File sizes are between 3 and 6MB depending on the length of the sermon.

We are just beginning an upgrade and reorganization of this page. This page will become a series of links to other pages containing sermons preached by year and by subject. Sermons preached in 1990 are the first to be added (first link below).

Written Sermons by Dr Digby L. James

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