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Quinta Press is primarily a publisher of evangelical Christian books, though it has interests in other areas as well, including aspects of political history and railways. Quinta Press is committed to the reprinting and publication of books that will be of benefit to the Church of Jesus Christ and bring about a greater concern for obedience to his truth and an increase in godliness among his people. With this end in view, Quinta Press has, as a long-term project, the republication of the complete works of George Whitefield, John Cotton, John Angell James and a number of other works (click the link below to see a sample list of those planned). Some of these are likely to be published in collaboration with long-established publishers.

Just reprinted: J.J. Leeming's Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish? Click on the title to read more.

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Website Redesign

Thanks to Phillip A. Ross, who has redesigned our website. He is the owner of PARoss Services in the USA, which provides marketing consultation, graphic design, website design (WebProper.com), and Internet advertising (NetLocalAds.com). Ross is also a Christian minister (Pilgrim Platform) and is working on a Ph.D. from Whitefield Seminary. This summer he published four books, two second editions and two first editions. PARoss Services also provided the cover designs. The books are now available for on-line purchase.